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Mayan City from the Late Post-classic Period.

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Yucatán, MEXICO

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The Colonial Yucatán City of Valladolid:

This charming Mexican city, founded in 1543,  combines the best of both worlds, Spanish and Mayan. Art and cuisine swirl together and fuse in wonderful new patterns each day here. Religious chanting can be heard mixing with thrumming Latin rhythms, and the central square inspires art and writing with its mixture of peoples, costumes, murals, crafts, dialects, smells and sounds. 

On the night before Easter Sunday, under a full moon, thousands of pieces of paper are released outside the Iglesia de San Servacio, in preparation for the Resurrection.

The Mayan Site of Chichén Itzá, or "In the Mouth of the Well of the Water Wizards":

(West of Valladolid) 

You can no longer climb the pyramids and altars at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the towering "El Castillo", due to the immense crowds. It nonetheless remains a remarkable historical treasure to behold. Most chilling is the "Altar of Skulls", or the Tzompantli. 

The nearby Ik Kil Cenote offers wonderful subterranean refreshment after a hot day exploring the ruins.

(With my sister and graphic designer, Jennifer)

The Mayan Site of Ek Balam, or "Black Jaguar":

(North of Valladolid) 

You can still climb the pyramids and altars here, including the "Acropolis" - a massive ceremonial building. This huge center contains the tombs of Mayan Emperors, with elaborate stucco facades  (including the jaguar mouth above). The central staircase takes you up 106 stairs to a majestic view 100 feet overlooking the Yucatan.

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