Mysteries of the Past

Looking across the Kidron Valley at the golden "Dome of the Rock", Jerusalem.



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Dear Reader,

My name is Jonathon Perrin, and my passion is restoring the secrets of history. Join me now as we take a journey across the globe on an adventure unlike any you have taken before. 

We touch down first in a land of tropical jungles, volcanoes, hot springs, and violent geological upheavals: Indonesia. We explore evidence that the mythical empire of Atlantis was located here millennia ago, was tragically flooded when the last Ice Age ended, and now lies sunken beneath the Java Sea. 

Next, we head to Easter Island, home of the towering Moai statues, and discover why it is the first clue to revealing a secret “sacred” equator that connects similar ancient ruins across the globe.

We then journey to the sprawling ancient metropolis of Teotihuacán in central Mexico, a city of pyramids, palaces, and even plumbing. We look at the new discoveries that have been made there in recent years (like mercury pools and pyrite orbs), learn how the largest city in the ancient Americas ultimately collapsed, and ask what advice its destruction can offer us regarding our own society’s direction.

Mighty Jerusalem is our fourth destination, as we travel back to 900 BCE to visit the grand Temple of King Solomon, built for the Israelite god Yahweh. We look at why Solomon had pagan “sun-horses” in his temple, and what clues they may offer concerning the secret Egyptian origins of Israel.

Jumping forward in time, we remain on the Temple Mount but shift from Solomon’s First Temple to a potential Third Jewish Temple, looking specifically at what its construction might mean for the future of Israel and its Arab neighbors. Could an Apocalypse ensue?

For the next four articles, we enjoy an extended stay in the world’s premiere ancient country: Egypt. Settle in amongst the pyramids and pharaohs and prepare to see a different side of this exotic land. 

First, we assess whether the Great Pyramid was a high-tech machine left over from an advanced civilization, or a mausoleum built with magical functions.


Second, strap on your fedora and bullwhip as we hunt for the Lost Ark of the Covenant using clues derived from Egypt’s Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten.


Third, we examine new research that suggests an actual Exodus under Moses occurred in history. 

Last, we travel down the Nile to the ruined city of Amarna, home of Akhenaten himself, where we look at the numerous solar eclipses that may have influenced this revolutionary king.

Leaving Egypt behind, the secret origins of religion concern us next. We look at the minds of the world’s first prophets, and see what inspired them to create their unique religious doctrines. 

Next, we travel to my home province of Manitoba, which is Canada’s UFO hotspot. There, I take you through its strange history of UFO experiences, such as now world-famous Falcon Lake Incident – a true “Close Encounter of the Second Kind” which left a man with burned clothing and radiation sickness.

Finally, we return to Jerusalem, where we delve into the topics of Messiahs on the Temple Mount, why Jerusalem attracts so many claimants to King David’s throne, and what future warnings this holy city offers us. 

The pioneering geologist Charles Lyell famously said: “the present is the key to the past”, but I believe we can expand that to include: “and the past is the key to the future”.

Prepare now for new ideas, new concepts, and new connections. Prepare for pyramids and prophets, priests and Passovers, temples and treasures, megaliths and messiahs, apocalypses, and even the Ark of the Covenant. Prepare for a journey unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

Grab your compass and breathe deeply, for this is the last boarding call to explore, and restore, the Mysteries of the Past.


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