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A Brief History of my Articles


After finishing Moses Restored in 2017, I decided what I needed was a concise summary of the book, an article-length essay that would encapsulate its essence. This became my first article: The "Problems" of Moses - Solved at Last: Restoring the Life of the First Religious Revolutionary in History. I loved the short length and focus of the article format, and vowed I would write many more before returning to the book format.

For my second piece, I decided to focus on a singular object from the life of Moses, and attempt to demonstrate its Egyptian origins. I chose the Menorah lampstand, and wrote: The Mysterious Origins of the "Menorah" Lamp of Moses: The Strange Egyptian Connections to the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten. In it, I demonstrated how likely it was that Akhenaten himself designed the famous Hebrew lampstand.

I decided to shop the piece around, and soon J. Douglas Kenyon at Atlantis Rising magazine expressed interest. He eventually published it in his September-October 2017 issue (#125) as Menorah: The Akhenaten Connection. This established a great working relationship between Doug and myself, and I wrote a further seven pieces for AR before it was forced to close its doors in 2019. You can access my articles for Atlantis Rising through this site, where you can find both hard copies of back issues on the AR site, and also Kindle versions on Amazon.


Fortunately, the closing of one door led to the opening of another. I submitted an article to the historical site Ancient Origins, and its editor, Joanna Gillan, expressed interest in publishing it. This was my article: Sons of Light: The Secret Essene Connections back to Egypt's Heretic Pharaoh. It was published in the October 2019 issue of Ancient Origins Magazine, and helped to establish, in much the same was a my Menorah article did with Doug, my working relationship with Jo and her amazing team, including editors Gary Manners and Dr. Micki Pistorius.

My mission when writing is always to explore new connections in history. Things previously unconnected either by bias or ignorance always draw my attention. I try to synthesize as much information as I can succinctly, giving you more time to ponder my essays. You will always find unorthodox topics and unconventional avenues in my articles, and I promise you they are one of a kind.

Please enjoy!!!


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