My name is Jonathon Perrin, and I love the past, especially all of its lost secrets. 

I am a geologist by trade, but I am also an archaeologist, and have helped excavate over a dozen prehistoric sites in Canada

I have a double B.Sc. in geology and archaeology, and have worked as a wellsite geologist searching for oil and gas, an exploration geologist searching for rare-earth elements and uranium, and both a lab geologist and archaeologist. 

I began a new career as an author in 2016, and wrote my first book Moses Restored the following year. 

From 2017-2019, I wrote for Atlantis Rising magazine under editor J. Douglas Kenyon. 

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Following their shut-down, I began writing for Ancient Origins under Joanna Gillan, Gary Manners, and Dr. Micki Pistorius. 

Since then, I have joined their writing team, and contribute pieces to their regular and Premium sites, plus their lavish digital magazine.

This site is your portal to a new way of looking at the past. 

Whether a billion years ago or a hundred, we will explore it together.

Welcome to a world of ancient mysteries, puzzles of the past, and cryptic clues to forgotten histories. 

"The Present is the Key to the Past!"

Charles Lyell, Geologist

White Sands, New Mexico

Copyright 2024 Jonathon A Perrin