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"Poseidon-Shiva", digital art creation of a hybrid mythological figure.

Copyright Jennifer Stephenson, 2018.

I began writing for Atlantis Rising magazine under J. Douglas Kenyon in 2017.

I contributed eight articles to the groundbreaking publication, and was featured on the cover of their May-June, 2019 issue. Sadly, it was to be the very last issue.

After a stellar twenty-five years and much regret, Doug ended the run of Atlantis Rising. Since 1994, it had been the home of unorthodox history, modern anomalies, and future science.

Despite this set-back, Doug continues to move forward. He has launched an online portal called Atlantis Rising: The Research Group, where you can read his new blogs, purchase back issues of the magazine, watch videos, and much more. 

He also contributes to Ancient Origins, and has even recently released an all-new book called Ghosts of Atlantis. It is a fascinating read, and I have included a link to it below.

Please click below to read my eight articles in Atlantis Rising.

And finally, my first published article - "Menorah - The Akhenaten Connection"

Atlantis Rising #125, September-October, 2017

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