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My name is Jonathon Perrin, and I love the lost secrets of the past.

In 2016, I began writing about those lost secrets, and have never looked back.

I am a geologist by trade, but I am also an archaeologist, and have helped excavate over a dozen prehistoric sites in Canada.

This site is your portal to a new way of looking at the past. Whether a billion years ago or a hundred, we will explore it together.

Welcome to a world of ancient mysteries, past puzzles, and cryptic clues to forgotten histories.

Welcome to

Mesa Verde, Colorado


on the beautiful Caribbean Coast

Mayan City from the Late Post-classic Period.


Con mi Hermosa Hermana

The Colonial Yucatan City of Valladolid:

This charming Mexican city, founded in 1543, combines the best of both worlds, Spanish and Mayan. Art and cuisine swirl together and fuse in wonderful new patterns each day here. Religious chanting can be heard mixing with thrumming Latin rhythms, and the central square inspires art and writing with its mixture of peoples, costumes, murals, crafts, dialects, smells and sounds.

On the night before Easter Sunday, under a full moon, thousands of pieces of paper are released outside the Iglesia de San Servacio, in preparation for the Resurrection.

The Mayan Site of Chichén Itzá, or "In the Mouth of the Well of the Water Wizards":

(West of Valladolid)

You can no longer climb the pyramids and altars at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the towering "El Castillo", due to the immense crowds. It nonetheless remains a remarkable historical treasure to behold. Most chilling is the "Altar of Skulls", or the Tzompantli.

The nearby Ik Kil Cenote offers wonderful subterranean refreshment after a hot day exploring the ruins.

(With my sister and graphic designer, Jennifer)

The Mayan Site of Ek Balam, or "Black Jaguar":

(North of Valladolid)

You can still climb the pyramids and altars here, including the "Acropolis" - a massive ceremonial building. This huge center contains the tombs of Mayan Emperors, with elaborate stucco facades (including the jaguar mouth above). The central staircase takes you up 106 stairs to a majestic view 100 feet overlooking the Yucatan.

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Celebrations at Jerusalem's "Western Wall".

There is a deep enigma about the beloved Jewish Festivals:

Who began them?

From sweet wine to sweet cakes, Seders to scrolls, trumpets to tablets, magic to memorials, plagues to Pyramid Texts, first fruits to firstborn, justice to Jubilee, challah to honey, and food to family, it is time to dissolve the mists of mystery and reveal a secret three millennia old.

It is time to sing, dance, blast the shofar and shout for joy, for the rebel king who sparked it all has finally arrived:

Moses ...

The Pharaoh Behind the Festivals.

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De-Mystifying the Egyptian Head Cones ...

What were they??

The Cones were real! The first examples of ancient head cones were found in a cemetery at Amarna, Akhenaten's capital city. This image blends the real cone on a woman's skull with a tomb painting of a woman wearing a cone.

Explore the End of Days


Jerusalem's Enigmatic Golden Gate ...

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November 2021

Was the Ark Of The Covenant A Coffin? Secret Links To Osiris God Of The Dead

October 2021

Plagues of the Sun Pharaohs


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The Fifth Plague of Egypt, by J. M. W. Turner, 1800.

September 2021

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Mysteries of the Past

If you love seeking clues to hidden secrets of the past, then you have found the right place.

If you love blowing your mind with new connections in history, then you have found the right place.

If you love discovering unorthodox ancient knowledge, then you have found the right place.

Join me as we explore the enigmas of lost civilizations, reconnect forgotten people and places, and restore the lost truths of our collective past.

Your journey is only just beginning.

Welcome aboard!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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