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Moses Restored...

Moses in Mexico

Learn the story of how Moses, the famous Hebrew Lawgiver and founder of Judaism, did not actually die on Mount Nebo, but continued his life spreading civilization to Mexico. 

How did he accomplish this? 

As the Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican Legend, the bearded aged prophet who appeared from, and returned to, the East...


My name is Jonathon Perrin, and I love the lost secrets of the past.

In 2016, I began writing about those lost secrets, and have never looked back.

I am a geologist by trade, but I am also an archaeologist, and have helped excavate over a dozen prehistoric sites in Canada. 

This site is your portal to a new way of looking at the past. Whether a billion years ago or a hundred, we will explore it together.

Welcome to a world of ancient mysteries, past puzzles, and cryptic clues to forgotten histories.

Welcome to

Inside the tomb of Tutankhamun, KV62, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

If you love seeking clues to hidden secrets of the past, then you have found the right place.

If you love blowing your mind with new connections in history, then you have found the right place.

If you love discovering unorthodox ancient knowledge, then you have found the right place.

Join me as we explore the enigmas of lost civilizations, reconnect forgotten people and places, and restore the lost truths of our collective past. 

Your journey is only just beginning. 

Welcome aboard!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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